IngoMy name is Ingo Tischer. I have a diploma and a doctor’s degree (Dr. rer. nat.) in physics. I studied physics and chemistry to be a teacher and diploma physics at University of Ulm, Germany. Using the email addresses and , I accept PGP encrypted emails. Besides, I have some social media profiles.

In April 2015, I passed my defense for doctoris rerum naturalium (doctor of natural science) in physics. The (translated) table of contents of my thesis can be found here.
My main scientific focus were defects in semiconductor structures, which I investigated with high spatial accuracy by spectroscopy with high spectral resolution. A scanning electron microscope was used to hit specific spots on the sample in order to excite cathodoluminescence. The spectral composition of the emitting light was analysed. This allows to judge the quality of the material knowing precisely the position on the sample surface. The results were combined with other techniques of investigation. Thus, the spectral, mechanical, and structural characteristics of the material were combined. The experimental methods I am familiar with as well as the key aspects of my scientific work are listed here.
These investigations were performed on several material systems like GaN, AlN, and InN, and the compounds AlGaN and InGaN. Additionally, AlGaAs and GaAs and also ZnO were part of my scientific work. Complex structures made of these materials  were investigated with respect to crystal defects, inhomogenities, and fluctuating structures sizes.
The results were published in scientific journals, and I presented them on several national and international meetings. A list of my publications and my meeting contributions can be found here.

Since July 2015, I work for Richter Lighting Technologies GmbH in the field of research and development.

During my last years at the Gymnasium, first honorary and later on during my civilian service at Johanniter Unfall Hilfe e.V., I worked as an assistant of medical service and emergency medical services. Additionally, I gained my first experence in teaching and knowledge transfer in the field of first aid giving courses (immediate life-saving measures, first aid, first responders training and further education, defibrillator training, first aid with children, first responders in schools) there.
During my student time, I continued with this function. At the same time, I had some secondary employment as a tutor for physics laboratory and in computer science.

During my doctorate time, I worked as the leader of the physics laboratory at Hochschule Ulm, Germany. Furthermore, I had a job as lecture assistant and tutor at University of Ulm, Germany. In addition to these, I supervised Bachelor, Master, and Diploma students during their theses in our institute.

In my early age, I was already very interested in the upcoming  computer technology. I grew up with the rapidly developping technology, and I learnt how to use it. So I chose computer science as my elective subject at Gymnasium. On that base, I picked the same topic as my subsidiary subject, and I passed the diploma exam in the context of my academic studies in physics. For this, I attended more sophisticated lectures in computer science to work there as a tutor after having passed my diploma exam.

Please click here for a list of my teaching experience.

My social commitment is not limited to the Johanniter Unfallhilfe only, but I work honorary at Sportverein Lautern e.V. (German only), our local sports club. Already since 1991, I have been working as a table tennis trainer for kids and teenagers, and later on for adults as well. From 2010 to 2016, I was the youth leader of the table tennis division of our club. In 2012, I gained an official D-Trainer licence. Since 2023 I own a offically recognized license as table tennis C-trainer.  In addition to that, I am a member of sports club committee, and, among other tasks, I am responsible for the sports club internet site. Since 2017, I am the leader of the table tennis division of the club. I also work honorary at the Tischtennis-Verband Württemberg-Hohenzollern e.V.  (German only), the regional table tennis association. There, I manage the team championships in one of the leagues.
In spring 2014, my wife Astrid and I offered ballroom dancing lessons (Standard and Latin) within the sports club SV Lautern, which was continued since then as lesson for advanced dancers. We plan to extend the offers for dancing lessons, especially for the elderly inhabitants of our village.