The domain name (translated suggests a connection, referring to the page content and to simple things, that can be found and read here. But this is absolutely not the case. There is no reference to the intellectual complexity of the domain owner and to the people having the name Tischer at all.

Instead, the domain name shows, that in the internet age, a lot of companies offer their products and use the world wide web as a platform to show their services and business to big public, that is not interested in it.

Domain names like (translated,,, and illustrate, how unsatisfied you can get, if you are searching for a suitable domain name for your internet site. Bloomers like and (translated) lead to ejaculations in the form of “Simply would have been a nice domain name, but…” Thinking about this strange idea, and the conclusion, that this idea is a good one in principle, resulted after a short discussion in the choice of the domain name: (translated

Over the years, the desire for a more “respectable” domain name increased. So it was searched feverishly for a practicable alternative, which should be able to install a reference to the given surname. The small island of Tokelau offered a way out of this tricky situation. The abreviation “.tk”, which is commonly used to shorten the German word “Telekommunikation” (translated telecommunication), is a feasible termination of the misery: